Our company has been operating in the areas of Food, Fisheries and Technology and  we are investigating through R&D activities in these areas according to the needs of our country. Our company is a Technopark, R&D investment company which is involved the production of frog, Pelophylax ridibundus (Rana ridibunda), as a food in both Europe and the Asian countries.  We detect the ideal mating, spawning and growth phase in the laboratories under controlled experiments in our University, COMU. We apply our findings to life with these species and figure out the best ideal food for their growth. Our company has set up a production facility for this purpose like no other in the world.


1- We have introduced our company and its product, the edible frog, in Expotroia exposition (May 14-17, 2015), Çanakkale, Turkiye.

2- The construction of our plant has been completed. Our edible frog production will begin in March, 2016. Our plan is to produce 28 tons frogs per annum.